Live life naturally balanced. consciously

Nurtures Co-Op Members loyalty

With Understandable & Fair lease terms

Practicing a belief in Co-op Member Awareness,

Simplicity, Equanimity and Non-harming

Respect & Our Gratitude

We help our Co-op Members

Dedicate Time & Energy

To what matters most

Living a fulfilling life

'Remember you belong to nature, not it to you'

Grey Owl

a.k.a - Archibald Stansfield Belaney

Our Core Mission

Agricultural Lands & Supporting Ecosystems Preservation

Exploit the dismal state of housing

For environmental benefit, You & our Shareholders

Monsanto estimates

In the next Decade, the World's farmers will have to produce

As much food as the last 10,000 years combined plans to use anthropogenic common sense

As opposed to biotech, shoot for the stars, GMO seeds or starve  

We are the antithesis to urban sprawl nature nihilism

'Think Globally & Act Locally'

Bob Hunter

Agricultural Co-Operative brings  

Prestige, luxury boutique living to the country

Practicing an industry inspiring ethos

Environmentally sensitive  

LEED Certified

Sustainable development

Each development footprint is offset

With 20x Agricultural Lands & Supporting Ecosystems

(CLI Classes: 1 to 5)

Protected with an Agricultural Use Easement

In Perpetuity (999 years)

Social, Economic & Environmental Advantages

Economic Advantage the co-op farms the land

Using farm income to lower rent

Enhanced tactile community lifestyle

With ease of mobility

Modern farming is increasingly alienating

Not the bucolic, idyllic country life of fairytales

More likely an environment,

You may find yourself living 45 minutes away

From the nearest movie theater or person your age.

Not ideal. communities are life changing

Corn Forever by Ken Nash - Flickr 2014 - Creative Commons

Food Security for your Country Matters

Our Agricultural Preserve Co-Ops provide

A sustainable, healthy lifestyle

Right here in Ontario

What a shame it will be if in 200 years

People never get to taste

Succulent field ripened Southern Ontario produce

In 500 years no one will remember

The political turmoil of the day

The budgets and minority governments

Which captivate our attention

But a productive agricultural community

Pioneered by foresightful Canadians like you

Will be a cherished heirloom convenient community lifestyle

Is surrounded by nature

This Toronto Condominium

With condos from 625' to 1,200'

Sold for $795,000 to $1.5 million respectively

At the target rent for co-op members

It would take a 100 years

To save the cost to purchase

Such an apartment

In 2020 the Average Ontario Family

Had an yearly income of $39,988.00*

Proof positive how demoralizing

Shelter cost burden is for too many

* Ontario 2020 GDP Fact Sheet - Ministry of Finance - Government of Ontario

Inspiring Canadian Country Community Culture

Is Not

'Rent - Gear to Income' social housing

Social engineering is the Government's domain

Neighbourhood-First is housing for the forgotten

You have an income  

A local citizen  

Possess a worthy work ethic and community spirit

18th Century Country Heritage

Community Barn Raising

For a 21st Century Co-Op

Vertical Hamlets for the 21st Century

We got to thinking at

There was a time country community flourished

Coming together to raise barns

Built with such integrity many are still standing

Harnessing country community culture

In the 21st Century

Can result in powerful synergy

For a new way of living

In balance with a natural life

A good old Country culture Agricultural Co-Op Raising

'The farms of Britain are the front lines of freedom '

UK Prime Minister - Winston Churchill, WWII