Move to Living Life

Face it, buying an affordable home is next to impossible for Canadian citizens

Reasonable, liveable rental accommodation? The same dismal thing  

Making matters worse

Some landlords are transgressive, capricious lunatics

Maybe home ownership isn't the best goal in life either

A house is just an address  

Home is where your heart resides and family flourishes

Providing you with a fulfilling life co-operatives empower you

To have control, over your living conditions

Experience Pride of Place living  

Live Life

Pride of Place

Pride of Place is synonymous with

Authentic, traditional, co-operative housing communities

Places people want to be planted

Blooming to their fullest potential

Imagine living in an amazing place

Where you have democratic authority

To determine rent increases  

Make building improvements  

The freedom to live a life

You collectively control

Freedom from landlord oppression

Who believe Tenants are their Indentured Servant

You their personal wealth management plan

Speculation looking sketchy Landlord?

Sacrifice the Tenants

And sell

"Renter FOBH Desease" is real. ( Fear of Being Homeless)  

An unhealthy, mentally malignant and chronic disease  

"Shelter" is a primal, pinnacle survival hierarchy need

Top of mind capricious Landlord

Debilitating shelter dread stress

Is no way to live

What's the cure?

Trading "Shelter Dread" for mortgage "Debt Dread"?

Won't make your life healthier and better

Removing landlord shelter alienation

Replacing it with empowerment

Control over your living conditions and quality of life

Increased disposable income to do stuff

Is your cure


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